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Who Was
Lady Deborah Moody?

Follow the links below to find out about this early American free spirit.

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Lady Deborah Moody House
An Historical Tour Through New York State
27 Gravesend Neck Road, Gravesend (private). 
"This one-and-a-half-story Dutch farmhouse is thought to be the house Lady Moody built in 1645."
Gravesend 1939 WPA Guide To New York City
"Gravesend was founded in 1643 on a site marked by the square bounded on three sides by the Old Village Road at McDonald Avenue and Gravesend Neck Road"
Gravesend in Historic and Beautiful Brooklyn
"Brooklyn, as we know it today, was originally made up of six separate towns, five of them Dutch and one English. The five Dutch towns were: Flatlands, Flatbush, Brooklyn, Bushwick and New Utrecht. The English town was Gravesend."
American Connection To Gravesend, Kent, England
A 'Dangerous 1600s Woman'
Brooklyn Historical TimeLine
History of Gravesend
Including "Ye Ancient Plot of Ye Towne Of Gravesend" 1645
by Lady Deborah Moody
Kieft Patent for the Town of Gravesend
What's Gravesend look like today?
The Little Apple: Thomas Applebe & Elizabeth Osborne
from Lady Deborah Moody's Gravesend, by Thomas Applebee
On The Trail Of Our Ancestors
Religion in New Amsterdam, by Donna Speer Ristenbatt
Lady Deborah Moody
Books about Lady Deborah Moody
Biographical records of Lady Deborah Moody
A Dangerous Woman: New York's First Lady Liberty:
The Life and Times of Lady Deborah Moody (1586-1659?) - Victor Cooper.

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