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The MOODY Military


    Gerald Warner, one of the popular and well known young men of this city, and only son of Mrs. Agusta Warner, left Tuesday evening at 8:40 to enter the naval training station at Goat Island as second-class fireman.
    Mr. Warner has had much experience in the line in which he has enlisted.  He was employed by the Willamette Valley Southern railway in construction work while this road was being built between Mt. Angel and Oregon City, and after the completion of the railway line was offered a position on the cars operating between the two cities, and has been in this company's employment since.
    He was a member of Company G for five years and accompanied that company to the Mexican border as bugler, remaining there for three months.  He is a member of the Elks' Lodge and also a member of the Fountain Hose company No. 1, having been one of its active members for the past three years.
    Warner is a nephew of Captain William R. Logus, of this city, and familiarly known as "Bill," and now stationed at Camp Greene, Charlotte, North Carolina, and a cousin of Kent Moody, who is also stationed with the Third Oregon at Camp Green.  With the enlistment of Gerald Warner, this takes the last man of the Logus family to war.

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