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The Moody News

Ebenezer Moody
passed away during a Temperance Lecture at the Methodist church in Pulaski, NY, in 1876

The following obituary notice appeared in the Pulaski Democrat of 
June 15, 1876


In Pulaski, June 11th, Mr. Ebenezer Moody, aged 64 years. The deceased was born in Rodman, Jefferson Co. June 26, 1812. His parents were both members of the Congregational church in Rodman. The influence of early religious training was very evident in the character and life of the deceased, although he has never himself made a public profession of religion. He held all the institutions of religion in profound respect and contributed liberally to their support. He possessed great kindliness of heart, fulfilling all the duties of the varied relations of life with a fidelity and integrity that secured respect for his moral worth and probity, but also with a peculiar grace of amiability and a pleasantness of manner that won the goodwill and affection of all who knew him. Sadly we shall miss that grand, majestic figure from our streets, and still more that wonderfully benign countenance whose placid smile was never darkened by a frown, who always met neighbor and acquaintance with a cordial greeting that showed the kind, well wishing and generous soul within. The funeral was largely attended not only by the numerous relations of the deceased, but by neighbors and citizens, manifesting their esteem for the deceased and sympathy for the afflicted."
"A very sudden death occurred in the Methodist Church on Sunday evening last. It was the occasion of the Temperance lecture of Miss LaJoune before a union meeting. The victim was M. Ebenezer Moody, a long known and highly respected citizen of this town. On the evening of the day in question which was an exceedingly warm one, the deceased walked from his home in the country to the church, and as he was a very large man, weighing about 315 pounds, the heat became very oppressive and shortly after taking a seat, which he did in one of the pews at the front which run lengthwise of the church, he was observed to drop his head and slowly sway forwards. He was at once removed from the church by Messrs. Jones and Bean but was pronounced quite dead by Dr. Betts, who was present. The body was removed by R.W. Box to the home which the deceased had left only an hour since in perfect health. The cause of his death was a disease of the heart to which fleshy people are subject. Mrs. Moody was sitting by his side at the time of his death and was very deeply affected. The funeral services were held at the residence of the deceased on Tuesday at 11 o'clock, Rev. J. Douglas conducting the service."

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