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 MOODY Web Sightings


The links below will take you to other MOODY sites on the web.
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 Descendants of Edmund Moody

William MOODY d: Jun 28, 1567
John MOODY d: Apr 24, 1567
Thomas MOODY b: 1520 d: 1569
Richard MOODY b: 1525 in Moulton, Suffolk Eng. d: 1574

Billie's Roots and Twigs, Leaves and Limbs

"Seeking Information on my Moody family.  First known ancestor was William L., born circa 1780, (SC???) married in Liberty Co., Ga. ,1809 to Jennie Miller. Known son Nathaniel Milton, b/ 1814 who moved into Florida."

Descendants of Thomas Moody

Thomas MOODY was born in1625 in England and died in1656 in Weyanoke Parish, Charles City, VA.  He married Ann LAWRENCE, born1629 in England.  This genealogy follows their two sons Robert and Samuel Moody as the first generation of the family born in the Virginia Colony.

Moody Tuberville Leverett Owen Families

from Marion Co. S.C. to Limestone Co Texas, Barbara Kennedy-Moore's Genealogy Site includes ancestoral research for Alexander, Betts, Borthwick, Campbell, Crawford, DeJarnette, Harrington, Hinson, Holder, Hurt, Kennedy, Lauderdale, Leverette, Little, Lowe, Owens, Maxwell, McBride, McGill, Montgomery, Moody, Myers, Slaughter, Stewart, Turberville Families.  She also has some very fun and informative Scottish genealogy and history.

 Diggin' for Howards Surname List

"Hi, my name is Patricia Howard Armor.  I was born in Lenoir County, NC in the year 1952. My Father was Coy Whitaker Howard, Sr., son of Abner Wiggs Howard and Ella MOODY all of Lenoir County.  My Mother was Nettie Naomi Wade, daughter of Rufus Wade and Patsy Watson Foyles. Her family was from Greene County, NC but later moved to Lenoir where she was born.  Please canvas my web pages.  I have tried to include a lot of different information and areas of interest."

Jana's Genealogy

Jana's Family Tree with "Twigs, branches, and some nuts" including the Moody surname.  This site is packed with stories about life in colonial times for some Moody ancestors, which is the same Moody family as mine.  See if you can find a connection, but if not you'll be treated with some good stories anyway.

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last updated January 13, 2001

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