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Logus, Moody & Uptegrove Families:

More Than A Century
Oregon City
Clackamas County, Oregon

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This early OC elevator is the only outdoor municipal elevator in the world, shown here in its first version in about 1913.  It tranports residents from the lower downtown area up the steep cliffs that divide the city.  Before it was replaced with a modern version in May, 1955, I heard it was pretty scary!  To learn more about this unique transportation, visit The End Of The Oregon Trail web site. The OC street car was another popular mode of transportation in early Oregon City. 


The dates below include events and share treasures and photos of five generations of my family in Clackamas County, Oregon. It tells the story not only of this historic place and time, but of the lives of some of the families that lived there in the19th and 20th centuries.

1849- Oregon country becomes a Territory of the United States
1859- Oregon becomes the 33rd State on Valentine's Day February 14th
1864-Julius Logus, 25,  travels by ship from Kahwinkle, Prussia to work for his brother Charles at Albright & Logus Meat Market on Main Street, Oregon City
1869- Julius Logus purchases his brother's interest in the meat market and partners with Mr. Albright's son at newly-named Logus & Albright Meat Market
1870- Rev. J. W. Sellwood joins Julius Logus and Antonia Shweiker in holy matrimony
1872- Agusta Logus is the first one in my family born in Oregon City, to Julius and Antonia
1874- Sophia Logus is born in Oregon City to Julius and Antonia
1875-William Logus is born in Oregon City to Julius and Antonia
1875-The Episcopal Church in Sellwood  taken in 1875
1890- Agusta Logus marries George Warner from an OC pioneer family, and later they have a son, Gerald Warner
1890- One of Oregon City's disasterous floods sends torrents of water down Main Street as helpless business owners and residents look on
1890- Antonia Shweiker Logus dies in Oregon City and is buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, now Pioneer Cemeteries,  in Portland
1891- Harry Smith Moody, son of Henry H. and  packs his belongings in Watertown, NY,  and boards the train for an adventurous new life in Oregon City, Oregon
1892- Julius Logus passes away at his Oregon City home and his life is remembered by friends and family in the OC Enterprise
1892- People gather for a trip to Portland on the  Willamette River steamboat Undine
1893- Harry Smith Moody weds Sophia Logus in Oregon City
1896- Kent Logus Moody is 2nd generation born in Oregon City, to Harry S. and Sophia
1897- Rose Uptegrove is born in Caney, Kansas before moving to Oregon City with her family as a young girl
1902 and 1903- Kent Moody and friends attend Barclay Grade School in Oregon City
1916- Rose Uptegrove  selected as a Portland Rose Festival princess on Queen Muriel's court and is Queen of the Oregon City Booster's Parade
1917- Moody men join the troops in France during WWI
1920- Sgt. Kent Moody and Rose Uptegrove wed in Oregon City and move into 810 Center Street, across the street from the McLoughlin House and next door to friends Johnny and Bea Inskeep, future Oregon State Senator and his wife
1921- Harry William Moody is first of the 3rd generation born in Oregon City,  to Kent and Rose
1923- Virginia Claire Moody is born in Oregon City Hospital to Kent and Rose

To be continued...

More Than a Century in Oregon


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